5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack

5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack

Our Tula Kids Backpacks are made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric and the perfect size for a variety of uses! Here are just a few ideas for you to try!

1. School Supplies

Perfect size to fit all your preschooler's books, snacks, supplies and more!

2. Gift Bag

Give this awesome backpack as a gift, but no need to wrap it, just add tissue paper!


3. Weekend Travels

Perfect size bag for a short weekend getaway. Fits all the necessities and your child can carry it!


4. Diaper Bag

Fit all your diapering needs in one stylish bag! Plenty of room for diapers, a Tula Carrier, wipes and more.

5. Gym Bag

Skip the bulky duffel bag, you can fit shoes, water, workout gear and still have room for your towel and deodorant!

How do you use your Tula Backpack? Share in the comments, or tag us in your #WillItFit photo on Facebook or Instagram!

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