6 Ways to Wear Your Tula Hip Pouch

6 Ways to Wear Your Tula Hip Pouch

Our newest item, Tula Hip Pouches, is a fun, stylish way for you to carry daily essentials. If you have a diaper bag filled with baby things, or you just need to travel light, our Hip Pouch is a compact, convenient way to carry your necessities. Along with coming in a variety of exciting prints, you can wear your Tula Hip Pouch in many ways. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear your Tula Hip Pouch:

1. On The Waistband Webbing of Your Tula

The waistbelt can be detached and three large loops on the back of the hip pouch allow you to attach it to the webbing on your carrier. 


2. Around Your Waist, On Its Own

Travel light with just your Tula Hip Pouch around your waist!

3. Over Your Tula Waistband

You can easily adjust the hip pouch to fit over your Tula Waistband when you are carrying a child in a front carry. 

4. As A Crossbody Bag

The strap can be made longer and worn across your body (with or without a carrier). 

5. Over Your Shoulder

On the perfection with your Hip Pouch just over your shoulder

6. With Your Own Belt 

There are small belt loops on the back of the Tula Hip Pouch which allow you to wear it with your own belt. 

Have any other suggestions on how to wear your Tula Hip Pouch? Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook and share them!

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