Babywearing educators are a wonderful asset to the babywearing community and families wanting to explore options for carrying their child(ren). Their experience, knowledge and passion for babywearing can help caregivers find solutions and gain confidence in wearing their baby. We appreciate the role that babywearing educators play and we’re excited to celebrate their role through this series of babywearing educator spotlights.

Our next Babywearing Educator spotlight is on a innovative educator that along with her partner, Meeshi, offers babywearing dance classes! She and Meeshi are currently on the Tularoo Tour that includes babywearing dance workshops and demonstrations of our Free-to-Grow Carrier throughout California!   We asked Amber, of Groovaroo Dance, to answer some questions about herself and her role as a babywearing educator.

Tell us about Groovaroo Dance?

 Meeshi has studied and taught multicultural dances in San Diego to dancers of all ages for the past 20 years including Afro-Cuban dance, Afro-Brazilian dance, Lindy Hop Swing and Urban Soul Line Dancing. I have supported women in their transition into motherhood as a Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Postnatal Yoga Instructor and Nanny. In July of 2015, we sat down and imagined what it would look like if we married our two life’s “passions” together. The Result: GroovaRoo Dance™

Over the last year and a half, our babywearing dance classes have gotten a tremendous response from people all over the world who have seen our videos online. For us, GroovaRoo Dance™ is a small part of our greater life’s mission: to build communities of families around the world where dance is an integral part of everyday life. 

We are currently offering teacher trainings (in person and online) for those people interested in spreading the joy of GroovaRoo Dance in their community. We are also headed on our California TulaRoo Tour, hosting GroovaRoo Dance workshops up and down the coast (April 23rd – May 3rd). To see our tour stops, visit:

How did you get involved with babywearing?

I was introduced to babywearing through the families that I nannied for. I started using a soft structured carrier and was exposed to other carriers and wraps from there. When Meeshi and I started GroovaRoo Dance, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge to help families to feel comfortable and safe using a carrier. I was certified as a Babywearing Educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies. 

What do you find most rewarding as a babywearing educator/dance instructor?

I love seeing parents connecting to their baby and to other moms and dads in our classes. Oftentimes when parents start taking class, they are a little nervous about wearing their baby and dancing at the same time, but as the weeks go on, their confidence as a new parent builds and they make friends in the process. Also, I love seeing the babies fall asleep during a dance, just pure surrender. 

What is one important tip you like to share with new or first-time babywearers? 

Learn about carriers/wraps before you have a baby.  I was lucky enough to do this and when we had our sweet baby boy almost a year ago, I felt confident wearing him from day 1. 

And just for fun, here is a recent video of Amber in action during the Tularoo Tour!


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