Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing While Pregnant

5 Tips to Be Comfortable Babywearing While Pregnant

While expecting a new baby, you might have another child who needs or wants to be carried. Luckily, babywearing is still a comfortable option for you and your older child. During pregnancy, your body is undergoing lots of changes so it’s important to check with your medical professional before babywearing while pregnant. However, for most, if you were already babywearing before pregnancy, you can continue to do so. Once cleared by your medical provider, be sure to listen to your own comfort cues and body.

When looking for a carrier and carrying options while pregnant, you’ll find that we offer many! A Buckle Carrier, Ring Slings, and Woven Wraps are all great carrier options that offer comfortable carrying positions while pregnant. Continue reading below to learn our 5 Tips for staying comfortable while babywearing and pregnant:

1. Try wearing the waistband below your belly

As your belly grows, a front carry will likely become less comfortable so we suggest using your Tula Baby Carrier in a back carry. You can buckle the waistband below your growing belly.

2. Use a Ring Sling to Stay Cool

A Tula ring sling can provide a more breathable option when pregnant. You have less fabric around your body and can position your child above your belly for close cuddles.

3. Carry on Your Hip with a Ring Sling

A ring sling also offers the option of a hip carry, which makes it easy to hold your child with room for your belly.

4. Try a Woven Wrap for a Comfortable Back Carry

A Tula Woven Wrap is a versatile carrier option that can be tied in different ways to accommodate a growing belly.

5. Back Carry with the Waistband Above Your Belly

For some, especially for those with a smaller baby or a long torso, securing your Tula Carrier waistband above your belly is a more comfortable option.

As a reminder, be sure to check with your medical professional when exploring babywearing while pregnant. Then, let us know what did you find most comfortable when you were pregnant? Share in the comments below!

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