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Carried to Connect: Ashley & Tyson’s Story

Ashley & Tyson – Parents of Quadruplets

Gardner Quad Squad

At Baby Tula, we have seen, first hand, how babywearing can benefit families in countless ways; from basic tasks getting completed to helping a baby and caretaker create a lifelong bond. You share your stories and we learn of so many poignant journeys that embody our motto: Keep Doing What You Love. It’s these moments, simple and grand, that we celebrate with our community. Here, we share the encouraging story of Ashley and Tyson, of Gardner Quad Squad, who faced IVF challenges to welcome their FOUR little girls.

Give us a fun fact or tidbit about each of your daughters.
Indie – Very Independent! Always breaks away from the crowd to do her own thing. Our oldest by seconds. She was the one at the bottom of the womb holding everybody in. We called her the plug!
Esme – Our most outgoing and social baby. She has her own hashtag #esmefaces because of her unique and funny faces. She’s probably our sweetest as well and best at sharing!
Scarlett – Scarlett is our mischievous one. She usually has her cheshire cat smile going. She’s sneaky and quiet. She loves to sing. She’s also very particular like her daddy; loves to collect all the same toys, puzzle pieces, etc.
Evie – Our emotional one, and our baby by seconds. She’s also always been our biggest, and currently holds the title of bully in the household. She can be a little rough, but at the same time can be so sweet. She’s all emotions either way!

What was it like when you found out you were having quadruplets?
So exciting and terrifying all at the same time! There were moments when it was surreal. Luckily we had a strong grasp on our faith, and that led us through a very high risk pregnancy and NICU stay!

When did you first discover babywearing and/or baby carriers?
One of our high school friends did a little fundraiser for us up in Oregon and raised enough to buy 4 Tula’s for us. We were so grateful and blessed as they literally saved our lives on so many occasions, and made it easy when taking the girls out into public for the first time!

Were you already planning on babywearing before finding out you were having quadruplets?
Ashley knew about these for a long time, but we didn’t know if we could afford them. They were always something we knew would be beneficial and make life so much easier!

How does babywearing help you with quadruplets?
Being parents of quadruplets, and working from home, you never stop moving! If dinner needs to be made or laundry done, and the kids are up, it makes our lives so much easier to strap them to our chest and back as we get our chores done! Also when going out into public places, having quads can be a little overwhelming and scary at times because you want to keep them close. Being able to babywear has made doing normal things for a not normal situation possible!

What has been the biggest surprise raising quadruplets?
Their personalities. They are so different, even the sets of twins. It has been amazing watching their little personalities grow and develop!

What are you most looking forward to watching your daughters grow up?
Each day you get to explore the world for the first time with your kids who have never explored it before. It gives you a different perspective on life. A real perspective.

What advice would you give to other new parents of multiples?
Keep your faith in each other. Ashley and I do this together. Everything together. We are a team. We rely on each others strengths, and know our limits. When you have someone in you life you can trust completely, it makes anything you’re dealing with feasible!

Thank you to Ashley, Tyson, Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evie for sharing their story with us! To learn more about their family, you can follow their blog: or Instagram.

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