Carried to Connect: Down Syndrome Awareness

Carried to Connect: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

In honor of Down syndrome awareness month, we wanted to introduce one of our amazing ambassadors, Jamie, and share her family’s story! Read below to learn how she has found her baby carrier helpful with her daughter, Gracie!

Did you know that October is Down syndrome awareness month? I never did, until we had our middle daughter, Gracie, who happens to have Down syndrome.

My name is Jamie and I am a mother to three: Gage (6), Gracie (3) and Raegan (2 months). We just finished our local Buddy Walk, which highlights and supports Down syndrome, and the rest of the month, I like to spend time sharing facts about Down syndrome and help spread the word that we are all more alike than different. Gracie may have some things that are different about her, but she’s actually much more like her siblings than she is different.

We found out Gracie would be born with Down syndrome when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. It was shocking to us and I was so naive about Down syndrome, but once she got here, all that fear melted away and I fell in love with our perfect new edition.

She’s a joy multiplier, loving, precious, perfectly created, and has changed the way I view others with disability. Down syndrome has changed our life – all for the better.

Gracie was 2 before she walked. One of the characteristics of Down syndrome is hypotonia, which is lower muscle tone. For two years, we had to carry her everywhere! And even now, she can tire easily and needs a rest. Add to this that Gracie hates strollers, and babywearing is a huge win for our family!

In the last few years as we have vacationed to Disney World or aquariums and other crowded places, we have noticed that Gracie is very sensitive to crowds and gets overwhelmed and oversensitized. Holding her is what calms her down, and as she has gotten older, and heavier, babywearing is how we are able to calm her and not wear ourselves out!

I’ve been using the Free-to-Grow carrier recently, and what I love about it is I can wear Gracie in it, and also adjust it smaller to fit Raegan! I knew I would wear Raegan more than any other children so I could have my hands free for my other two, but it’s nice that it is so adjustable so I can also carry Gracie in it when she needs it.

To learn more about Jamie and her family, follow her on Instagram! To learn more about Down syndrome and how you can help visit and/or


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