Coronado: A Collaboration with Meeyoo Handwovens


We are delighted to formally introduce our newest collaboration with Meeyoo Handwovens. ‘Coronado’ is a Girasol woven wrap designed by Angel and Cameo of Meeyoo. Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers will be beautifully crafted from this lovely woven design. ‘Coronado’ is a cascading combination of soft hues that is inspired by breathtaking views and memories of a beach-side visit. ‘Coronado’ is an exclusive Tula x Meeyoo design. We are honored to work with the incredibly creative women of Meeyoo: two sisters, and mothers, that embody the precious bond created by babywearing. Read below to learn how this collaboration came to life.

Meeyoo Handwovens is a small business, run by two babywearing sisters and best friends, specializing in hand crafted baby wraps. Angel and Cameo work from their homes in rural Ohio. With 8 children between the two of them, they have shared a passion for babywearing for many years. Their wraps are known for exquisite quality and gorgeous detailed combinations of colors that express a true labor of love.

Angel and Cameo have been wearing their babies in Tula Baby Carriers for more than 5 years. About 3 years ago, Ula posted in a group, asking what wraps people would like to see as wrap conversions. Being new weavers at that time, Angel and Cameo reached out to Ula and asked if she would like to convert some of their Meeyoo fabric into Tulas. Ula said yes, and so began the Meeyoo-Tula collaboration!


Their unique and recognizable design used in their handwoven fabric prompted us to ask Meeyoo if they would create designs to be woven by Girasol and then converted into Tulas. This created a more accessible version of Tula wrap conversion carriers that had the unmistakable aesthetic of Meeyoo. The first of these was ‘Cameo’, followed by ‘Angelique’; both were named after the sisters. ‘Waimea’ was also designed by Meeyoo.

Cameo and Angel visited Ula in San Diego a couple of years ago. While there, Ula took them to an amazing lunch at Hotel del Coronado. It was their first trip to San Diego and they fell in love with the beach and the beautiful weather. When we asked Cameo and Angel to design more fabric to be woven by Girasol, ‘Coronado’ came to life. The production process was lengthy but we are so excited to welcome this meaningful design!


From left to right: ‘Coronado’ in Creme de Nube weft, Gris Medio weft, and Cuervo weft

Tula ‘Coronado’ Wrap Conversions will soon be part of upcoming wrap conversion releases, hosted on Watch for announcements at our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can learn about our Wrap Conversion Carriers from our past blog post.

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