Customize Your Carrier

How to Customize Your Baby Carrier

We’re all about expression, which is why we have so many different carrier options to help you find your perfect style. But as special as our carriers are, have you ever thought of creating your own one-of-a-kind Tula Carrier? With the addition of a custom hood, reach straps and/or suck pads, it’s possible to create a baby carrier that is unique to you and your baby!

Suck Pads

What are Suck Pads? Suck pads are detachable covers to put over your arm straps where they meet the panel. Sometimes, babies like to try and suck on the arm straps. By adding suck pads to your carrier, you’re able to easily remove them to wash, prevent wear to your carrier, AND add extra flare!

Reach Straps

What are Reach Straps? Reach straps connect to the hood on your baby carrier. When you’re back carrying, reach straps give you added length to be able easily reach and pull the hood over baby while they’re sleeping!

Custom Hoods

A really unique way to personalize your carrier is by getting a custom hood to replace hood that comes with your carrier! This is the ultimate way to add flair in a theme or style that speaks to you.

We’ve seen people create animals, put inspirational quotes, make a hood in a matching or coordinating print of the carrier…the options are endless!


Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration, join our Tula Love Facebook group to see a list of customizers, and share your finished product with us by tagging us @Baby Tula or @tulababycarriers!


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