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Daydreamer Collection

Daydreamer 4.6m x 70cm

At Baby Tula, we love seeing an artist’s vision transform from a sketch to it’s completed product! This week, we are excited to share our most recent artist collaboration with you: Baby Tula’s Daydreamer Collection designed by artist Rachel Hirst.

With the creation of Daydreamer, our biggest project yet, we bring you a whole line of products featuring Rachel’s original design. This includes woven wraps, canvas carriers, wrap conversion carriers, as well as the newest addition to the Baby Tula family: Tula Baby Blankets!

This collaboration started with a casual conversation between Ula and Rachel about designing a child’s daydream – a party in the sky. They planned out the idea of a story being woven on a wrap, stretching from end to end, with no repeated images. Rachel then sketched out scenes from what would be the ultimate kid’s party, with balloons, bunting, pinwheels; evoking a true sense of childhood nostalgia. As the story progresses, the children in Daydreamer find themselves whisked in to the sky. For these little daydreamers, nothing could be more fun!


daydreamer canvas collage

Here’s Rachel, showcasing both colorways of the Daydreamer canvas carrier. At the top is the full length, never repeating design of the Daydreamer Tula Woven Wrap!


Rachel’s creativity doesn’t stop at sketching. This week, at the ABC Kids Expo for retailers, our booth will feature installation pieces she created for us showcasing her own hand-painted Daydreamer designs and beautiful hand-woven frames of our favorite Tula Wovens. We are so excited about everything she created for us, and really love her fresh, organic style.  Our secret plan is to bring back all the pieces from the expo and hang them in our office!

Rachel is an Idaho girl who traded the mountains of the Northwest for the perpetual summer of San Diego. With a degree in fashion and fine art, visual arts are her thing, ranging from graphic design to painting and power tools. She knows how to make a space come alive, having built displays and installations for Anthropologie and various boutiques. She now does freelance design, event styling, and art installations. You can usually find her wearing jeans covered in saw dust, with a pencil stuck in her bun. Check out her website here, and her Etsy shop here.



Our talented Rachel at work; an initial sketch of Daydreamer, painting Daydreamer for our booth installation at ABC, pulling out the power tools for the booth risers, and weaving Tula Love into a frame for the booth!

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