Essential Support: Tula Infant Insert

Essential Support: Tula Infant Insert

For the first months of your baby’s life, they are in a delicate stage as they grow and build strength. Whether for feeding, soothing or just ogling, newborns benefit greatly from being close to their caregiver. During this time, it’s important to enjoy the benefits of babywearing while remembering to keep your little one comfortable and supported. If you plan to use a Standard Ergonomic Tula Carrier, we have designed our infant insert to allow you to carry your small baby adequately.

At Baby Tula, we offer fully adjustable carriers that do not require an infant insert to carry a baby beginning at 7lb. They include our Explore Baby Carrier, Free-To-Grow Carrier, and our Half Buckle Carrier styles. These three carriers have an innovative panel that can be made shorter and more narrow to accommodate a smaller infant as they grow. Our Tula ring slings and woven wraps can also be tightened around and adjusted to fit around newborn’s size and create a snug carry.

However, our Tula Baby Carrier requires the use of our Infant Insert to properly fit a small infant. The infant insert not only provides a higher carrying position to allow for a clear airway and easy monitoring of your newborn, but the insert also provides necessary head, neck, and torso support. This added support prevents your newborn from slumping down into the panel of the carrier and ensures support for healthy maturation of the spine in a front carry.

The infant insert is recommended in order to use our Standard size Tula baby carrier from newborn up to until your baby can sit independently with knees dangling down freely in an ergonomic spread squat position and is a minimum of 15lbs. 

As your child grows and builds more core strength, the detachable “seat” cushion of the insert can be used on its own inside your Tula baby carrier. This option is ideal for a child who has already developed head and neck control but still requires the smaller, more narrow “seat” that the infant insert cushion provides to avoid being overextended in the carrier. Some children may meet our minimum weight requirement for the Tula baby carrier but still need the higher, more narrow seat cushion and the core support that the infant insert offers.

Instructions for our Infant Insert use can be found on our website:

Please note that the infant insert is to be used with the Standard size Tula, not with the Toddler sized Tula and that the infant insert is not intended to be used in a back carry. You can read more about wearing your newborn in our previous blog post:

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