Friendship and Smiles in Singapore

From roots in an apartment in Poland to a worldwide network, we are humbled to see how Baby Tula has helped build relationships, create communities of like-minded caregivers, and spark enjoyment in families. Singapore is a world away from the small town in Poland where Tula began… but the connection that local moms found with the Tula community was so compelling that Singapore Tula Love, supporting Singapore and Asia, was born!
Although a relatively new group, Singapore Tula Love has quickly grown to include over 2,200 members and 5 hardworking admins: Linda Mi, Michelle Dungao, Wendy Law, Hui Min Goh, and Cheryl Lai.  Regular meet ups and tip-sharing through the active Facebook group helps to create friendship and bonding between Singapore Tula Love members.  Founder and co-admin Linda Mi explains that meet ups bring new and old Tula owners together where they can visit, talk all things Tula including prints and fit, and allow their kids, ranging from 5 months to 4 years old, to play.  Members bring canvas Tulas and half and full wrap conversions so that others can try them on, and some even loan out their own personal Tulas to group members to take home!
 Christine Lu had this perspective: “As a first time mum, bringing my baby out alone was challenging.  I couldn’t imagine having to bring all of her necessities and carry her at the same time. I am so glad I found Tula;  they are so pretty with their prints prints and it supports my back well while I carry a diaper bag.  I can nurse on the go and allow my baby to have a nap by covering the hood.  I’m so thankful to have made many new friends in Tula Love and enjoy the greatness of being a mum and carrying her with me all the time.  Thank you, Tula.”
 Linda Loh also added, “Being a babywearer has helped me to bond with my baby.”
“When I chance upon another Tula mommy in public, we give each other a nod of approval,” said Sharinah Zain.  “It’s like meeting an old friend.”
Founder Linda Mi says, “The purpose of having Singapore Love is to spread Tula love;  we are happy that we have made many friends and the mamas are very close to one another.”
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We love to watch as #tulabuildscommunities and are so excited for Singapore Tula Love as they get ready for a big celebration coming up in August… their first anniversary!  Congratulations on your milestones, Singapore Tula Love, and keep sharing the babywearing love!

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