Getting to Know Motherhood: Chelsea Lush

What brings you and your baby comfort and joy isn’t always the same. As we approach Mother’s Day, we are getting to know seven real-life mothers and sharing different Tula items that we think can support them in their journey. Each day we will ask 5 simple questions to a different Mom and feature a Baby Tula giveaway item that you can add to your parenting “toolbox”. Get more of your own Mom essentials by using the code MOMLOVE to enjoy 15% off on, until May 14th. Some exclusions apply.

Today, get to know Chelsea, of The Adventures of Zoe Lush, who’s oldest daughter has OI.

 What are the names and ages of your children?

Zoe is my oldest at 6 years old. I’m still able to carry her though! She loves back carries Felix is my 3 year old. He is a cuddly boy and still nurses so is constantly wanting to be up in my arms and against my chest.

Use one word to describe motherhood.


What is a recent parenting “win” you’ve had?

A recent parenting win was when I picked Zoe up from Sunday school on Easter. Her teacher told me that she asked to pray for the class. She asked Jesus to be in every child’s heart and for Him to love all of the kids like her mom and dad love her. My heart was so full! When the teacher was telling me what happened she started tearing up. I was so proud of my compassionate girl!

What is something you have learned since becoming a mother?

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a mother is that there really is no normal. I am lucky enough to live with my best friend (bffs for over 15 years!) and her 1 year old. We are able to help each other so much, either with laundry, watching each other’s children as needed, or venting when the kids are acting crazy. Just being able to see there is no “normal” and that motherhood comes in various emotions and actions. It’s not all Instagram poses!

What is a characteristic/quality that your child has that you admire?

Felix’s natural demeanor is so caring and considerate. He is protective in a very maternal way, taking care of his sister and making sure she has what she needs first. I admire how nurturing he is, making sure she is comfortable wherever she may be. One of my favorite things  Felix does is he always has to be holding Zoe’s hand. Since Zoe uses a wheelchair this can be difficult since she uses her hands to move herself! He regularly asks if we can push her so he is able to hold her hand and walk next to her. The love he has for her is what I’m most touched by. He’s a fantastic bigger little brother.

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