Getting to Know Motherhood: Georgia Brizuela

What brings you and your baby comfort and joy isn’t always the same. As we approach Mother’s Day, we are getting to know seven real-life mothers and sharing different Tula items that we think can support them in their journey. Each day we will ask 5 simple questions to a different Mom and feature a Baby Tula giveaway item that you can add to your parenting “toolbox”. Get more of your own Mom essentials by using the code MOMLOVE to enjoy 15% off on, until May 14th. Some exclusions apply.

Today, get to know Georgia, of Gregarious Peach, who is solo parenting.

What are the names and ages of your children?

I have Priya who is about to turn 9, Theo who is 7 and Florin, aged 3

One word to describe motherhood.


What is a recent parenting “win” you’ve had?

At the store my eldest said if I would buy her a $35 Moana Lego set she would “give me massages every day for the rest of my life”. I told her I would accept a massage a day for a year instead of for her whole life. For $35 I’ve had (surprisingly good) massage every day and she hasn’t complained once, ahahaha.

What is something you have learned since becoming a mother?

That what works, for you, for them, changes. How I parented my first, who I was while I parented her and what she and I both needed has changed. And it changes for each child.

What is a characteristic/quality that your child has that you admire?

I admire each of my children for their wildly different, but equally amusing senses of humour. There are perhaps bigger or deeper things I admire about them but this is something each day I make a little note of happiness for; that I lucked on having three funny humans. I love my eldest for being quick and sharp. She is quite satirical and at times she has a wicked streak of dark humour which is refreshing from an sweet faced little girl. I love my eldest son for being charming and flamboyant and never afraid to make a good joke at his own expense. And our smallest for being able to make quite pointed jokes at the ripe old age of three.

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