Getting to Know Motherhood: Rina

Getting to Know Motherhood: Rina

What brings you and your baby comfort and joy isn’t always the same. As we approach Mother’s Day, we are getting to know seven real-life mothers and sharing different Tula items that we think can support them in their journey. Each day we will ask 5 simple questions to a different Mom and feature a Baby Tula giveaway item that you can add to your parenting “toolbox”.

Today, get to know Rina, of Curls and Barbells, who has a spouse in the military.

What are the names and ages of your children?

We have Raven who is 3 and Robyn who is 4 weeks.

Use one word to describe motherhood.

If I had to only choose one word, it would be ‘unconditional’.

What is a recent parenting “win” you’ve had?

Raven has become quite the early riser as of recent and it never fails–she storms into our room while it’s still dark most mornings and asks for a snack. So I started putting a “snack” (most times it’s Cheerios or a Granola Bar) in a plastic Tupperware dish that is specifically for her that she can reach on her own. This new routine gives me just enough time to get out of bed, nurse the baby and be ready to start our day without needing to rush to get breakfast on the table. Some mornings I even get to shower while Raven is snacking and baby is sleeping–those make for some of our best days!! It’s amazing how a shower can set the tone for the rest of the day. Haha

What is something you have learned since becoming a mother?

I learned a whole new level of patience. Little humans move at their own pace and don’t quite grasp the concept of time so for someone like me who used to be a stickler for being on time, ALL OF THE TIME, I’ve just learned that it’s near impossible with kids.

What is a characteristic/quality that your child has that you admire?

Raven is incredibly nurturing. Whether it’s a friend, her baby sister, or even an adult whom she sees may be in trouble or in need of something, she’s always willing to help. She has been so attentive with her baby sister, it has just blown me away and made me so proud. As for Robyn, I admire her ability to sleep through anything and everything–I think she gets that from her dad!! Hahaha

A Tula Item to Cuddle a Newborn

A Tula Ring Sling is great for mimicking the shape of a newborn and holding them snug.

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