Introducing Tula Shoes!

Introducing Tula Shoes!

 two women back carrying their toddlers wearing tula shoes

At Baby Tula, we like to be part of every adventure. We began making baby carriers because we wanted to bring our little babies along for travel, fun, and simply during daily tasks. But, as our babies grow, we enjoy finding other ways to include Tula on the parenting journey. That is why we're so happy to create Tula Shoes to help you and child do what you love in stride.

Tula Shoes will be arriving in four loveable prints, in women’s (5-10) and kid’s (5-12) whole sizes. Like our Backpacks, Lunch Bags, and some of our other fun items, our newest addition has the same qualities you adore from our carrier collections: playful style, streamlined design, and comfort. What else do we love about Tula Shoes?

Coordinating prints
Our Tula Shoes are not only available in four adorable prints, but most coordinate perfectly with your Tula carriers or items or get an adult and kid-sized pairs so you can match your child.

Slip-on Ease
They are designed to be effortless and easy for parents and kids on the go!

Memory foam insole
Busy feet need to stay comfortable, so Tula Shoes have memory foam insoles that feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Pull-on tab at heel
Great for kids trying to be independent.

Elastic panels at sides for flexibility
Tula Shoes are made to move with you and be durable for long-lasting wear

The first collection of Tula Shoes will be available on October 2nd, at 10AM PDT, on Take a closer look at each print and let us know which Is your favorite!


Close up of child in a back carry. They are wearing Tula Shoes that match the carrier.

Rows of Happy Dust shoes across a blue background.

Close up of a toddler wearing Tula Shoes in the Happy Dust print. They are burgundy with small triangles.


Cluster of Play Tula Shoes on a yellow background. "Play" has a yellow background and repeating little white hearts all over.

Mother and daughter are smiling and standing. They are both wearing Tula Shoes.


A row of Blossom Tula Shoes on a light blue background. Blossom shoes are navy with pink flowers and polka dots on them.


Close up on a women's feet. She is wearing Tesselate Tula Shoes. Tesselate is a black and white houndstooth print.

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