Journey to Parenthood: Courtney pt. 1

Journey to Parenthood: Courtney pt. 1

At Baby Tula, we have a few families beginning their journey to parenthood. What is exciting to experience is how the path to becoming a parent can look different for every family. So, we wanted to explore their diverse journeys to see what commonalities we share and what makes them wonderfully unique. We will periodically be sharing updates from these team members as they experience their own journies. 

We will first be introducing you to Courtney, our Customer Service Manager and Event Coordinator, as she and her wife continue on attempting to get pregnant and have a child. They already have a rambunctious crew of dogs and one kitty, now they hope to add their first child.  

Describe where you are at currently in your journey to becoming a parent:

After working with a naturopath for two unsuccessful cycles, My wife and I are now working with a fertility clinic. I was feeling a lot of pressure tracking my cycle and ovulation on my own. I am so thankful to have some help from ultrasound equipment to make sure we are getting our best chance each time! We recently had our third IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in mid-February.

How are you feeling about where you are currently at?

Honestly, a little impatient. It has been a game of hurry up; wait; stop; only to hurry up again. We started this process about a year ago but have only done three IUI’s. It is difficult to wait for something we want so badly.

What is something you have recently learned from your journey so far?

We have learned a ton this past year! There were a lot of options for us to consider in the beginning. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a resource that I’ve found that lays everything out clearly for our situation. That left us to do a majority of the research on our own fumbling through what felt right for us financially and emotionally.  

What are you looking forward to next?

I am so looking forward to being pregnant! Excited to see what this body of mine can do!

Any questions you want to ask our community?

I will be taking progesterone during the two-week wait - which is new for me this time around, any tips on what to expect? Also, any general advice about getting through the two-week wait...who knew two weeks could feel so long !?

Thank you, Courtney! We are looking forward to sharing your next update. 

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