#MyTulaStory: Allie Vella

Each parenting story is unique and deeply personal, looking very different even from child to child. As we strive to provide items that give parents confidence and support, we’re so honored to be by your side for it…even if just for a moment. Perhaps your Tula is a staple item in your everyday activities, or maybe discovering our carriers opened your world to a community, lifestyle or different path. We love hearing your stories and we are excited to be alongside you from chapter to chapter.

In honor of our Tula Kids Backpacks, a new Tula item that let’s us continue to be part of your parenting journey, we wanted to share stories from our own Team and Tula fans that reflect how Baby Tula intertwines with babywearing and parenting. Today, we share Allie’s #mytulastory. Allie is one of our long time Baby Tula employees who started off as a passionate new parent.

What’s your story? We want to read more stories under the #mytulastory hashtag! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and share your stories with us!

1) How did your babywearing journey begin?

My friend Carla introduced me to the idea of babywearing when we were both pregnant in 2013. I attended a local babywearing meeting before my son was even born and started learning how to wrap and how to use all different carrier types. I was hooked on babywearing before I even gave birth!

2)    When did you learn about Baby Tula Carriers? What were some of your initial reasons for liking them?

Tula is a local company to me, pretty new back in 2013, and had a great reputation. The carrier really appealed to my aesthetics and I enjoyed the sense of community that surrounded them.

3)    How did you begin to work for Baby Tula?

I left my previous career when my son was 9 months old because it wasn’t a sustainable field for me to be in with an infant. I wanted to work someplace that was baby and family friendly and whose mission I had passion for. I was so lucky to land a position at Tula during a very exciting time of growth for the company.

4)    What is something that you love about Baby Tula and/or the community?

I love how colorful it is and seeing how there are so many ways for people to express their individuality through their Tulas!

5)    As your child grows, what’s a lasting memory or idea you’ve gained during your babywearing days?

So many memories! But mostly I will always cherish the countless memories of my son sleeping on me in a carrier and feeling his sweet breathing on my skin.

6)    What excites you about Baby Tula now?

Bringing new products to the market, like this.

7)    What’s something people might not already know about you (in relation to Baby Tula)?

The carrier “Vivian” was named for my grandmother.

8) Do you have a “unicorn”/DISO (Desperate In Search Of)? Do you own it?

My DISO has always been a Xela or Vice Versa crème weft diamond weave Wrap Conversion – I was recently finally able to score one after 4 years, but I bought it for my sister and niece instead of myself

9) Is there a Tula item that you have that has special meaning to you?

My first wrap conversion carrier – we will keep it forever!

Thank you, Allie! Rocky, Allie’s son, is seen wearing our ‘Play‘ and ‘Rainbow Showers‘ Tula Kids Backpacks; along with one of our ‘Clever’ Tula Mini Toy Carriers.

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