#MyTulaStory: Marisol Hernandez-Shewbert

Each parenting story is unique and deeply personal; looking very different even from child to child. As we strive to provide items that give parents confidence and support, we’re so honored to be by your side for it…even if just for a moment. Perhaps your Tula is a staple item in your everyday activities, or maybe discovering our carriers opened up your world to a community, lifestyle or entirely different path. We love hearing your stories and we are excited to be alongside you, from chapter to chapter.

In honor of our Tula Kids Backpacks, a new Tula item that let’s us continue alongside your parenting journey, we wanted to share stories from our own Team and Tula fans reflecting on how Baby Tula intertwines with babywearing and parenting. Today, we share Marisol’s #mytulastory. Marisol is local to Tula HQ and has been an active member in the Tula community and participated in some of our photoshoots.

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How did your babywearing journey begin?

My babywearing journey began 32 year ago when my Mother used to carry me in a Rebozo in Mexico City. It’s been a huge part of my culture, the love of babywearing is something that I hope to continue to pass along to my children as it’s been passed along to me. My babywearing journey continued when I had my first born 8 years ago. My mother gifted us a Rebozo, and I also used a Snugli Carrier. It wasn’t until I had my son (now 5) that I found Tula Carriers.

When did you learn of Baby Tula Carriers? What were some of your initial reasons for liking them?

I first discovered Tula Baby Carriers 5 years ago when I had my second child, I went to a local Babywearing meeting and it was recommended to me. I’m very petite and I had been having fit issues with other carriers, I was super happy to discover a carrier that fit my small frame! I really gained more than a carrier when I left that day, I found a huge community of caregivers <3

How did you begin to support Baby Tula?

I’ll never forget this day because it was real dream come true! I was at a Tula play date and Ula asked me if I’d be interested in modeling some of the carriers. After I contained my excitement (as much as possible) I blurted it out “OF COURSE!!!” I just love that Tula uses real caregivers.

What is something that you love about Baby Tula and/or the community?

I love the friendships I’ve acquired thru the Tula Community, people from all across the world! I recently met a friend in real life from Ohio! We chatted 5 years ago when she needed stocking help, and we stayed in touch all these years, we finally had a chance to meet when she visited San Diego. Some of my closest friends I gained thru our love for babywearing and all things Tula!

As your children grow, what’s a lasting memory or idea you’ve gained during your babywearing days?

I’ll always remember how babywearing really got me thru the days when I often found myself struggling to get thru so many appointments. My son has Childhood Apraxia of Speech which requires extensive speech therapy multiple times per week.

It was often during my babies nap time, and to keep her from interrupting sessions I was able to nurse in the Tula and care for her while still being present with my son.

What excites you about Baby Tula now?

I love seeing so many new products and prints! It’s been so wonderful to see all the changes from when I started following Tula years ago!

I’m an avid Tula Collector. I have a collection of Tula Carriers that are all so special to me. Just don’t ask me to pick a favorite because it really depends on the day of the week grin

Do you have a “unicorn”/DISO? Do you own it?

I have 2 special Tula’s that I would consider my ‘Unicorn’ Tula’s! My first is a Girasol Vice Versa, cream weft full toddler that I really wanted when my wore my son.

I finally had a chance to own it with my daughter so it’s safe to say it’s a Unicorn! It’s just pure rainbow goodness!

My second is a handwoven Meeyoo Frida Tula, and it’s definitely my ultimate Unicorn or ‘Meeyoocorn’.

Is there a Tula item that you have that has special meaning to you?

I hold a special place in my heart for Rainbows as my son was a Rainbow Baby. I suffered a loss at 17 weeks and had my son shortly after, Vice Versa is a Girasol woven wrap that held him in a wrap and ring sling form, and it now holds my last baby in Tula form. It definitely holds a very special meaning to me <3

Thank you, Marisol! Sadie, Marisol’s oldest daughter, is seen wearing our ‘Stickers’ Tula Kids Backpack; Her Son, Logan, is seen wearing our ‘Stamps‘ and ‘Rainbow Showers‘ Tula Kids Backpack; and her daughter, Willow is seen wearing a ‘Blossom’ Tula Kids Backpack and being carried in a Coast ‘Stickers’ Standard Carrier.

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