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8 years ago Mike and I had taken a one-way ticket trip to Peru, we travelled to Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina. We’d left the tourist path and were truly experiencing South American culture, hiking, eating and being young and in love. It was there that we first noticed South American women carrying their little ones in colorful wraps while working in fields, crafting goods, or taking care of their homes. Both mother and baby were content being snuggled closely to one another while life’s work continued. We couldn’t have witnessed this easy & gentle continuum at a better time because not long later we were sitting in a café in Buenos Aires and finding out our family of two would be growing!

While Amelia grew inside of me the journey to creating Baby Tula grew too. It has been incredible to watch Tula grow and be able to share our love of babywearing with so many families around the world. We have been honoured, humbled and delighted to watch Tula grow alongside our expanding family. And now, as we prepare to celebrate one year of our little Leo on the 20th we are so happy to celebrate something else.

As many of you have probably figured out from our-not-so-sutble hinting we are delighted and proud to announce that the Tula range has now grown to include woven wraps. Wanting to create our own wraps has been a journey, from that first seed planted when we first saw them on our travels to being able to weave them to our high standards. It is a dream of ours come true to bring you the Tula Woven Range! Alongside using our ergonomic Tula we have also wrapped our babies and have found this a versatile and beautiful way to wear our little ones.


We are now so excited to be able to offer this option to our babywearing families who we know so many of love wrapping. We know now you’re all going to be dying for more details so here we go.

We’ve created our own range of woven wraps.
We will release a photo and name of one of our wraps each day over the next week.
These will be stocking in our store at the end of March (an exact date to be announced).
We will be releasing limited batches of 6 beautiful designs of Tula wraps (variety of blends and colors).

Thank you so much for your excitement and anticipation for this, it really humbles us to know that the quality of our carriers and our brand are loved by many families. We love you too

x Ula & Mike

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