Roseville Babywearers – Tulas Unite

We are thrilled to welcome the next featured community, Roseville Babywearers!

Roseville Babywearers, or RBW, as they are known, are located in Roseville, California, and offer a lending library, free help at meetings, and plenty of local meet ups to spread the babywearing love in Northern California!  They serve over 1,300 people in Placer County and its surrounding communities!  Roseville Babywearers is led by an amazing volunteer team of educators and leaders (Camille Potter, Samantha Daniel, and Ashley Brostrom) who work hard to rally their local babywearing community and offer best practice babywearing instruction and support.

One of the volunteer babywearing educators of the group, Ashley Brostrom, organized an event on March 9th at Royer Park to bring Tula Lovers in Northern California the chance to come together for a play date of Tulas in the wild.

According to co-leader and founder Camille Potter, Rosevile Babywearers has many members asking about Tulas and has two canvas standards and a canvas toddler size Tula in the lending library.  This event was coordinated to facilitate fellowship, but also to allow Tula lovers come together to try on different sizes and designs for fit and function.  According to Camille, “The weather was warm and spring sure seems to be here. All of our toddlers and big kids enjoyed getting out side and playing at the park.”

Here’s what RBW’s members have to say about Tula and how the mission of Tula has impacted their community:

Joining my local babywearing community and attending events like this has been such a wonderful experience! The Tula love brings so many parents together and this event was a blast! Spending time with friends and meeting new mamas who I already know I have something huge in common with is always fun!
– Sierra Uhrich

“I really appreciate Tula’s efforts to get their baby carriers out to lending libraries like ours, and offering the awesome discount and giveaways that they do. In doing so, we have luckily been the recipients of a ring sling giveaway, and we currently have 3 tulas in our lending library with hopes to add more thanks to the generous LL discount offered by Tula. Since these are probably our most popular carriers, I really do enjoy helping parents and babies find the size they need and helping them acheive the proper fit. I am personally a huge addict of Tulas myself and I love sharing the Tula Love to other parents. We have new parents join the group on a daily basis asking about Tulas and it has been so wonderful to be able to say “we can rent you one! Try before you buy.” It’s an awesome resource to have, not to mention the revenue gained from the Tula rentals has enabled us to buy more carriers. “
-Ashley Brostrom

It was wonderful to not only be brought together for our love of Tula, but also for our love of baby wearing and keeping our sweet kiddos close to our hearts!
– Sarah Do

We have a strong community of moms and dads who love to wear their babies. Babywearing united us, but the bonds formed will last beyond our BW journey! I am thankful for our group and we had a blast seeing all the Tulas together, each one customized or accessorized to match our personalities! Can’t wait for Tulas Unite part 2!!
–  Tabitha Richardson

We loved seeing these fun photos from their Tulas Unite event:

Tulas Unite Group Photo 2-2 Tulas Unite Group Photo 1-2

We are thrilled to see the impact and friendships created as a result of babywearing! We know that any day when caregivers come together to support one another is a positive one! <3  #tulabuildscommunities, Roseville style!

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