5 Ways A Signature Carrier is Different Than Other Tula Baby Carriers

5 Ways A Signature Carrier is Different Than Other Tula Baby Carriers


Our original line of baby carriers and our Signature collection share many fantastic features that make them supportive, stylish, and intuitive to use. Most importantly, our Signature Woven Carriers and our original canvas/twill Tula Carriers are offered in the same structural sizes and styles: Explore Baby Carrier, Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier, Half Buckle Hybrid Carrier, Standard Baby Carrier, and Toddler Carrier. However, there are distinctions that might help you decide if you should be eyeing one collection over the other. 

We shared some details about what makes the Signature collection truly unique in a past blog, but you can read on to quickly learn 5 ways that the Signature woven carriers differ from our other Tula carriers.  

1. The Fabric

Our Tula baby carriers are often made with printed cotton canvas or twill fabric. Our Signature carriers are made using material that has been woven together to create richly detailed or intricate designs. While offering the ease of a soft structured buckle carrier, the Signature woven carriers celebrate textile artistry and the unique feel of woven wrap material. 

Signature carriers can be made as full woven carriers and half woven carriers where the inner shell of the carrier is made with canvas or twill cotton fabric. 

2. The Feel

All of our carriers are known for becoming softer as you wear them, but the feel of a broken-in Signature carrier can feel different than a broken-in canvas Tula carrier. The woven material tends to have a bounce to it. After some wearing, our Signature carriers have floppiness to them, that is moldable and cushy. Our original cotton canvas/twill baby carriers have a peach fuzz softness to them as they are broken-in


3. The Process 

Multiple visionaries come together to create every single Signature Tula woven carrier, beginning with a variety of woven wrap fabric that is sourced from around the world. Each woven wrap is creatively and thoughtfully designed with the intention of producing a functional art piece. At times, it is produced by small, majority female owned, companies who have a long tradition in textiles and combine gorgeous patterns and designs into the weave of each wrap. 

For our rarest Signature carriers, the woven material used to create these functional art pieces is handwoven, and occasionally hand painted, by one person. These textile artists dedicated multiple hours (sometimes weeks!) carefully preparing and weaving the threads together. Because of this highly detailed artistic process, the handwoven material made available to us is very very limited. 

Once the woven wrap material is created and in our hands, our Tula Signature carriers are crafted at our original production facility in Bialystok, Poland. Each woven carrier is handmade, start to finish, by one single seamstress.

Many of these seamstresses have been working with Baby Tula since our beginnings and have become expert craftsman at creating our Signature collection. Long fluid pieces of woven material are transformed into a soft structured baby carrier with our distinct streamlined design, soft padding, and webbing.

You can watch the process from start to finish in this video: 



4. The Partnerships

While our original canvas/twill line of Tula carriers allow us to collaborate with some of our favorite brands or causes, the Signature collection also lets us support some of the most creative textile artist and companies in the babywearing community and beyond. We carefully select weavers and textile companies that align with our design aesthetic and our company values. These partnerships are often with work at home mothers or small female-led companies. We value artistic expression, sustainability, fair and quality work environments, and the opportunity to promote bonding between families and their babies and so do our partners. 

5. The Releases 

The limited nature of our Signature woven carriers does not allow us to have large quantities of these carriers. Some of our partners are generous enough to provide us with enough of their woven material to allow us to highlight some of these designs in a rotating collection, readily available for purchase on our website at babytula.com/signature. We also offer more of our limited edition Signature carriers in a release every other Wednesday at 6 pm PT and occasionally through surprise releases. 

You can learn about upcoming releases by signing up for text alerts and following us on Facebook and Instagram




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