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Signature Weaver Spotlight: Oscha

For the Tula Signature collection, we carefully select weavers and textile companies that align with our design aesthetic and our company values—early on in the process of making woven carriers we knew that Oscha Slings rich variety of designs would make for gorgeous conversions. Oscha Slings has been a longstanding partner with a beautiful story to share:

Handcrafted in their wee solar-powered workshop in Scotland, Oscha designs and crafts textiles that bring colorful style to the babywearing world. Zoe, the owner of Oscha Slings, established the company in 2010 after she gave birth to twins when her older daughter was only 18 months old. Her own parenting journey made Zoe realize that babywearing was an invaluable tool and she wanted to design bold woven wraps with new parents in mind.

Oscha's textiles are made with only the highest quality ethical and organic yarns, creating as little environmental impact as possible. All their fabrics are woven in the British Isles and then made into their own carrier collections in Scotland producing zero waste along the way. We work with Oscha to provide us with their woven material, that is then crafted into some of the most iconic woven carriers in our Signature Collection.

The beautiful Oscha Signature Carriers that we craft are included in rotating monthly Signature Collection and our Limited Edition Signature releases which occur biweekly on Wednesdays at 6 PM PDT. 

You can learn about upcoming releases by signing up for text alerts and following us on Facebook and Instagram

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