Spooky Tunes For Halloween Fun

Spooky Tunes For Halloween Fun


Depending on where you live, Halloween might look a little different. Whether you are trick-or-treating or planning to cuddle up in your skeleton pajamas, we thought a list of spooky tunes might be fun to listen to! This playlist has a little something for everyone.

We have the classics you grew up with and new songs that, perhaps, you haven't heard before. For sensitive toddlers and preschoolers, the first 7 songs may be more to their liking. You can listen to this playlist for free on Spotify. Turn it on while you are decorating Halloween cookies, or filling in our free coloring printable pages. If you are still in the Halloween planning stages, check out our blog for how to make the holiday memorable even if you need to make some adjustments: 6 Steps to Reinventing Halloween.


Follow this link to the playlist to save and have queued up for your next Monster mash! 

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