Style Guide – Babywearing in a Dress

As we head officially into the Summer, I know you have a favorite sundress, LuLaRoe dress, or maxi skirt, that is a go-to in your closet for warm days. Summer also brings plenty of fun events, weddings, baby showers, you name it! Dressing up doesn’t mean the baby carrier should stay at home. Wearing a dress and a baby carrier is easy breezy! Here are some things to look for:

1. Choose a dress with enough length

Once you put the carrier waist belt on, you may find that the cinch in the waistband pulls the length of the dress up by just a tad. I usually choose a dress that I know I will be comfortable in even when I lose a few inches from the carrier. Comfort is key!

2. Watch the straps

Just like with tops and shirts, make sure there aren’t any metal accents, ties or anything else bulky on the tops of your shoulders. A cute tie accent can quickly become a bit of a pain when a carrier is placed over it!

3. Consider a different style of carrier

Ring Slings or Woven Wraps look stunning with the flow of a dress or skirt, and can be the perfect accessory to your spring outfit! Our Tula Woven fabric blends are also very breathable, making them a great option for summer babywearing.

Show us your very own Tula Style, dress or not, by tagging @tulababycarriers on Instagram! We love to see how you wear your Tula, and might even feature you in our feeds!

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