Tula MN Love – Tula’ing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

We are so excited to feature Tula MN Love in this community post! This group has only been around for about 11 months, but already has nearly 400 members. From providing a warm and welcoming Facebook community where Minnesota moms and dads could meet and chat all things Baby Tula and babywearing, to having monthly meet ups and casual playdates, this group has always been known for being a comfortable place where people from all over Minnesota, as well as in nearby regions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa can virtually meet and build community.


Danna Hayes, founder of the group, shared: “I started this group to have a place where other moms with a common interest can safely talk. I am glad to see it grow into more than that with our monthly meet ups and our smaller meet ups as well! I look forward to more growth for this group!”

Erin Sloan explained that the community does a lot to benefit one another: “It really does take a village to raise a child, and I consider the women I’ve met through Tula MN Love a big part of my mama village. We lean on each other, not just for social interaction for us and our children, but for kindness, generosity, and support in all aspects of our lives.”


Jacqueline Peterson added, “When my 4 year old with special medical needs has to go to her appointments, we bring her Tula with us. These appointments can cause a lot of stress for her, and it calms her to be close to me or my husband. My 4 month old also loves going up in her Tulas. It’s how we get stuff done in our house.”


Jacqueline is joined by mother Danielle Todd who is also thankful for Tula to help support her family’s medical needs. “My daughter had major crianial surgery when she was only 7 months old,” she said. “My husband and I decided to buy a Tula after were discharged from the hospital and we used it throughout Olivia’s recovery. It was perfect because it kept her upright, which helped swelling and also allowed us to snuggle her and keep her close. Olivia is now completely healed and I am positive that the Tula played a big part in her recovery.

Cassy Roman said this about her first Tula MN Love playdate: “I have never shown up to a place full of random women and felt SO WELCOME! Tulas truly build community and I am so excited to share my love of keeping my children close to my heart with other like-minded women.”


We love watching this group grow and interact and couldn’t be more thankful that they are sharing the Tula love out in Minnesota! Thank you, Tula MN Love, for sharing how #tulabuildscommunities!

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