Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues

Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues

When a child is born, their needs can often be simple. As their caregiver, we can change their diaper, feed them, and comfort them to sleep. Yet as they grow, their wants and needs may become more complex and unique to their character. We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk. Safety, security, and connection are all intuitive needs from birth and continue to be important to you and your child throughout their lives.

For some, this translates to a longer babywearing journey. In particular, we know that there are children with special needs that greatly benefit from having the option to be carried securely in a carrier. For these children and families, we have adjusted our official weight limit of the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier from 25-50 pounds to 25-60 pounds. Soon, you will start to see our Toddler carriers sold with the updated weight range on our labels and in the instruction booklets.

Structurally, nothing about the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has changed and our carriers have been thoroughly tested to this higher recommended weight limit. While our design and structure has not changed, we recently made the decision to evaluate our recommended weight limit. We have seen the desire expressed for safe, comfortable Tula options for wearing a larger child and have therefore chosen to set our maximum manufacturer’s recommended weight limit at 60 pounds.

At Baby Tula, we support all families and believe that the comfort, bonding and perspective that “toddlerwearing” or “bigkidwearing” brings can be especially beneficial to those with special or customized needs, regardless of age. While some parents may not find it necessary to wear their older child, we want you to know that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years. For those times when a long walk is too much for little legs, a new place presents new fears, or a visit to the hospital requires extra long cuddles.

This adjustment to our weight limit also serves as an affirmation that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier is really designed for larger children. The larger panel of the Toddler Carrier will not comfortably begin to fit a child until they are at least 32 inches and wearing 2T pants. Meeting the minimum weight or being a certain age should not be the only factors you consider when selecting the best carrier for your child. With a weight range of 15 – 45 pounds, our Standard Tula Baby Carrier is an excellent choice for a family who is looking for just one carrier to use during their most active babywearing period. We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of carriers that benefit a family wherever they are on the path of parenthood. Check out our ‘best baby carrier option for you’ comparison chart on our website.

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