Tula Woven Wraps – A Very Serious Review

When Ula asked me if I could review the woven wraps she had sent me to do some photography for Tula with I said yes. Quite frankly, I had been patiently waiting for most of my adult life to be given the opportunity to review a product. Look, it’s not like the reviews I’ve read before on nearly every product imaginable haven’t been OK, it’s just… I am always left wanting more. Sure, it’s great to know that the product fulfills it’s designed purpose but have you ever wondered what ELSE it can do? I have.

With that in mind I wanted to bring you a thorough review of the Tula Woven Wraps. If you’re going to fork out the dough for one of these puppies, you want to know it’s going to be worth your while and worth your while they will be.

I present to you 10 practical uses for your Tula Woven Wrap.

Let’s start with the obvious. As a hammock I rate this wrap 7/10.

Okay for a little rest but not wide enough for a full blown-let-the-the-kids-watch-sesame-street-and-take-an-afternoon-siesta. As a hammock for a baby it gets two thumbs up.


As a way to make friends, you can’t go past wearing your interests on your sleeve (or back as it would be).

tula-2 copy

So, you want to take a bathroom selfie while you’re brushing your teeth but want yours to stand out in the sea of bathroom selfies? Make yours fancy! The Tula Woven Wrap is the perfect way to say “I am just suggestively semi naked in the bathroom but I also own nice things” to your friends and family.


On a very serious note: there is a reason that babywearers should travel in groups of three.  Babywearing Saves Lives.


As a runway, the Tula wrap is superb. Fully portable just roll it out whenever you need to feel fabulous.


Have you ever promised your kids a play at the park only to get there and find some naughty people have decorated the swings with chewing gum? Guess what? With the Tula Woven Wrap you’ll never be without a fun time!


Are you a photographer? Yes, of course you are! Running out of props? Tula has got you got your baby model covered. Nothing says sweet sleeping baby like finely woven cotton & bamboo blend.


The Tula Woven Wrap is perfect for those picnics you don’t want to sit too close to the other attendees (overbearing in laws anyone?). Just lay it out and the generous 4.6 meter length will allow you to be a safe distance from the other end! No relating will be necessary.


 Definitely not it’s intended purpose but should you ever be short of an evening gown and have a premiere to go to you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just what 4.6 metres of luscious jacquard can achieve.


As a form of contraception the Tula Woven Wrap is positively terrible. Stick it on your husband and in a few minutes you’ll be thinking about making some more babies.


And finally, some people do not like to see breastfeeding in public. This is no problem when you have your Tula Woven Wrap on hand, it makes a wonderful cover and can cover nearly everyone in your vicinity. Up to 8 adults.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.27.51 PM

 And there you go! The Tula Woven Wrap gets one boob out and two thumbs up from me!

I’d love to know what other things you think a woven wrap could do A prize for anyone who comes up with the most creative (the prize is a medal you can cut yourself out of crafting paper and award yourself).

x Georgia

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