#tulatravels: Tulas are going traveling!

Tula Travels: Building Community Everywhere

Baby Tula has always cherished the connections and community that has grown from the love of being close to our child and enjoying the items we create. We want to share the love for babywearing with as many people as we can and support the many lovely community groups that already are providing guidance, expertise, and spaces to bring families together beyond the virtual babywearing community.

With this in mind, we have created the Tula Travels Collection, a small variety of Tula babywearing items which we are sending traveling to babywearing groups throughout the U.S. (we may expand beyond the U.S. in the future). It is a fun way for us to help local communities explore babywearing and the Tula essentials that we cherish so much.

To learn more about this collection, please read below and complete the form. If your group is eligible, we will contact you via email to discuss how we can arrange for the Tula Travels Collection to visit your group!

Who would we like to host our Tula Travels Collection: We would love to see our collection visit established “public” babywearing organizations (led by volunteers) with an active blog, website, and/or Facebook page including at least 300 members and 2 admins with positive feedback.  You should host regular babywearing meet ups that are free and open to the local community and be able to host a meet up or gathering specifically to share the Tula Travel collection while it is visiting the group (14 days).  Businesses and consultants are not eligible to apply at this time.

What you will be hosting in the Tula Travels Collection: Our Tula Travels Collection includes: a Tula Wrap Conversion Ring Sling; a Tula Baby Carrier; a Tula Toddler Carrier; a Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier; a Tula Infant Insert; and a Tula Woven Wrap.  The items in the Tula Travels Collection may change from time to time but we will always include a fun variety (in designs and blends) of the Tula offerings that we have available for purchase on our website, and they will arrive washed and ready to wear (no washing will be needed).

What we ask you to do for our Tula Travels Collection: Have fun with the Tula Travels Collection and become familiar with our line of babywearing items, host a playdate/meet up where all members in your local community are invited to feel, wear, and chat about the Tula babywearing essentials included in the collection, and post, Share, Tweet, and Blog about the collection! We hope that your group can photograph the collection while it is being hosted and we would love to see reviews or thoughts that your group has shared through social media and to be included on the Tula Blog (ensure that anyone included in photos and comments is okay with us sharing them on our blog).

What your group will receive: Your group will receive a special individual gift offer that can be raffled off at the meet up scheduled for the sharing of the Tula Travels Collection. This fun prize should go to a meeting attendee. Each babywearing group lending library is eligible for a discount on a carrier to be lent out as part of your library program as well, and best of all, the opportunity to try a variety of the babywearing essentials that Tula Baby Carriers have to offer!  Shipping for the collection, to and from your group, will be provided by Baby Tula.

The application to host the Tula Travels Collection is available here: http://goo.gl/forms/mhI5alfvQ4For any questions regarding this form or the Tula Travels Collection, please email us at communities@babytula.com.

We look forward to continuing to support your community and to sharing the babywearing love!


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