Weaver Spotlight: Rainbow Frog Textlies

Weaver Spotlight: Rainbow Frog Textlies

We continue our weaver spotlights with Janna of Rainbow Frog Textiles. Rainbow Frog's incredible creations will be part of our next limited edition handwoven Signature release.

Our partner handweavers are often women-led family businesses operating with a small devoted team. We are delighted to share their stories and showcase their textile artistry and intricate work through the Signature collection.

Meet Janna of Rainbow Frog Textiles:

My name is Janna Pelc, owner and founder of Rainbow Frog Textiles, LLC, which was formed in 2013. I am the mother to four little girls; Cailey, Brenna, Charlotte, and Mya. I have an amazing husband, Jay, who has become best known as "Mr. Frog".

In my previous career, I worked in sales/marketing and management for insurance companies. I started weaving as a hobby. I taught myself to weave and then took a class to further refine my techniques and skills. Sewing and working with my hands has always been a creative outlet for me.

It's been a blessing to be able to work from home while having the ability to be present for my daughters' needs. In 2015, I began weaving full time and haven’t looked back. I am grateful for my customers, many of whom have become dear friends. We couldn’t do this without any of you!

Learn About The Rainbow Frog Team: 

Rainbow Frog was founded by Janna Pelc and currently consists of a small, fun, dedicated team of weavers, dye artists, admin, and our amazing seamstress, Kelly Ebejer. Kelly creates many of the beautiful accessories that we sell, and also finishes each Rainbow Frog wrap with utmost care and precision.  Kristen Biscoe is a partner and project manager at Rainbow Frog. She’s been with us for several years and keeps things running smoothly with all of our projects and daily internal and external operations. Kristen also works as a dye artist and embroiderer for Rainbow Frog.

What Makes Rainbow Frog Special:

Rainbow Frog offers a variety of warp and weft fibers and fun weave options. We pride ourselves on, and are best known for, our neon rainbows! We have several dye artists and weavers on our team, enabling us to offer many different and unique styles. We offer many one-of-a-kind customs, group customs, custom embroidery, and finishing options. We are currently very excited about our exclusive "Lux Line", which gives customers the opportunity to partake in small-batch semi-custom warps, featuring colors that are sometimes atypical to Rainbow Frog neons. These warps feature inspirations created by small business artists; and often, we collaborate with these artists on each effort. We love trying new things and always expanding our horizons!

Making Dreams A Reality: 

My favorite part about weaving is turning a customer's dream and vision into reality- from the inspiration photos, to dyeing the warp and wefts, helping to pick warp and weft fibers, and making all of it come together. I love working closely with customers to create something beautiful to keep their baby close. All of the weavers and admins on our team are current or prior baby wearers. We understand the beauty of wrapping our little ones and know how to provide the best advice tailored to each customer's needs.  

Balancing Motherhood with Rainbow Frog: 

Being a work at home mom has its blessings and challenges. My biggest suggestion is to try to plan as best as possible. A routine and schedule makes everything a bit easier for our kids. With that said, be easy on yourself! Mom, dad, and guardian life isn't easy, and you are doing a great job! I try to incorporate my kids into Rainbow Frog whenever possible. Giving them roles excites them, and they love being able to help out. All four of my daughters know how to weave and have all helped dye yarn. The creative outlet has been great for them and they get to understand and participate in what their mom does. My youngest tadpole, (Mya, 5) loves dyeing yarn and has even created her own colorways! She once said while dyeing yarn, “Mommy, I think my customer will love this!” That is what it’s all about for me - the joy in creating and blending my family into my passion for weaving.

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