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Baby Tula Australia
Baby Tula Australia
Woven Spotlight: Tekhni Wovens

Woven Spotlight: Tekhni Wovens

Our Tula Wrap Conversion line gives us the opportunity to work with weavers, woven wrap brands...and often small women-run businesses. Multiple visionaries come together to create every single Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier, beginning with the beautiful variety of woven wraps made near and far. We value the opportunity to work with these textile artists and celebrate them in our weaver and woven spotlights. In this post, we feature one of our newest collaborators, Alisa and Tekhni Wovens. We asked Alisa to share a little bit about Tekhni for those new to or wondering about this popular woven wrap company. 

For those not familiar with Tekhni, can you tell us a little bit about the company and what you make? 

Tekhni is a woman-owned, made in USA brand that designs, manufacturers and sells wraparound baby carriers, ring slings, bags, blankets and accessories.  We started with wraps in 2013 and have added to our lineup of products and "Tekcessories" over the years.  Whatever your need, there's always a Tekhni for that!

Who is behind the scenes of Tekhni? 

I, Alisa, am the sole owner of Tekhni, with a team of amazing folks who keep it running with their knowledge, passion, and expertise.  Team Tekhni is spread out over the world, with a grouping of local seamstresses and in-house specialists, extending out to the coasts, and even to the middle east!  Most people on our team are mothers, and everyone is paid living wages.  We have flexible hours and focus on a work-life balance.

How long has Tekhni existed? Can you share how the company was started? 

We are coming up on our 5 year anniversary.  Previous to Tekhni I worked full-time outside the home as a graphic and packaging designer for a larger company. To stay connected to my children, I wore them in wraps and slings and followed attachment parenting tenants.  In my free time, I did design work for other babywearing companies domestically and abroad, and was a dye artist-- I enjoyed working with fabric and being able to express myself creatively.  However, first and foremost I was a mom to 3 children under 5.  The stress of working full time was weighing on me, and I wanted to be there when my oldest son got off the bus from kindergarten. I also wanted to create a brand of wraps that reflected my style and needs-- bold, modern and graphic, USA made, woman-centric, with a focus on comfort and attainability.  So with the support of my husband, I started planning:  I quit my career, took my life savings and started "Tekhni".  

How would you describe your designs and your inspiration for the woven wraps you make? 

I wanted a brand that was more contemporary and modern in feel-- graphically bold with a gender-neutral appeal. Earlier designs were inspired by dobby-style weaving and traditional patterns.  Studies in shape, form, and color, and how these elements work with weave and fabric construction all play into Tekhni designs.  I follow color and design trends, and always listen to our customers.  

What do fans of Tekhni love about your woven wraps?

Tekhni customers love our commitment to accessibility and sustainability, all while providing an easy to use and care for wrap with great customer service! Repreve is a huge fan favorite-- Tekhni was proudly the first company in the babywearing industry to introduce it, and we currently work with Repreve as a tier-one approved brand. In the spirit of Repreve, we upcycle everything-- no fabric scraps get thrown away.  That's how our accessory line was born!  We also provide one-on-one customer care support from first product purchase-- education throughout parenthood. When fans purchase a Tekhni woven product they’re gaining a community and team that’s excited to help them with their caregiving journey. 

Most of all? Tekhni woven wraps are fun!  We enjoy playing with fun design and vibrant color, and our customers agree.  The combination of bold patterns, strong colorways, and Repreve blend fabrics make us stand out from the crowd!

What are you looking forward to with the creation of Tekhni x Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers? 

I love the fresh and fun feel of Tula Carriers and products!  They have grown into a diverse lifestyle brand with an emphasis on things Tekhni is also passionate about-- modern design elements, babywearing comfort, everyday accessibility.  Tula has helped normalize babywearing, and bring it to the average parent.  I hope the Tekhni x Tula Wrap Conversion collection will give people a chance to truly enjoy the beauty and details of yarn-dyed, USA-woven fabric in the ease of a structured carrier. 

Where can people go to learn about the exciting things that Tekhni is up to? 

You can find us online to see new designs and products!  Our website is a wealth of information and a great touch point for past and future designs and projects.  In addition, we work with a variety of retailers worldwide who run their own exclusives, and you can find details via those authorized retailers.  A list and map can be found on our website.

Definitely check us out on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and visual sneak-peeks of whats to come!

Thank you Alisa for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to watch for our Wrap Conversion releases to find out when Tekhni Wovens make their appearance as Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers! 


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